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Exclusive Hand Drawings by Pierre Sabak

Pen and Ink Drawings from the Murder of Reality. Please check Artwork section for images. Only 1 original drawing exists. All products are signed by Pierre.  
A masterpiece. There are few books in our known …
A. Kahn

A Major New Series of Books: The Serpentigena

Book 1 - The Murder of Reality: Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon

The Murder of Reality front coverBook Cover by Neil Hague

This book has taken over 3,000 years to write. The truth can no longer be suppressed! This is the real story of the Serpent Race and their control over humanity. Pierre Sabak takes his reader on an unbelievable journey and unearths the Ultimate Crime: THE MURDER OF REALITY.

‘They said it could not be true… The consequences of this research are terrifying’
(Pierre Sabak)

A new major series of books, the Serpentigena describes how an Extraterrestrial Race have conquered planet earth and have ruled over man’s place for thousands of years.

In this fascinating study the author examines how the hidden priesthood encoded the serpent in the Bible and Koran using ‘polymorphic’ words, referred to by the Arab scholars as ‘Wujuh al-Qur’an’: ‘The Forgotten Recitation’ or ‘The Forgotten Koran.’

An Amazing Discovery: Pierre Sabak cites from more than twenty dictionaries and compares the same worded puns found in Greek, Latin, Chinese, Persian, Japanese, Hebrew, and Arabic, revealing a uniformity of belief evident in the Classical world.

He analyzes the Serpent’s clever manipulation of collective reality through the study of language and etymology and shows:

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DVD - Artefact R The Roswell Artefact

Artefact R The Roswell Artefact front cover In this world exclusive lecture, the researcher Pierre Sabak reveals for the first time a classified object purportedly retrieved from a crashed Flying Saucer in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947. A symbologist and an expert in ancient languages, Sabak describes how he came into contact with ‘Artefact R’ and was given permission to photograph and publish the details in a new book entitled 'Holographic Culture'. The incredible medallion was produced by the deceased rocket scientist Dr Fred Bell, based upon an alien artefact, and given to a fellow British scientist under the pseudonym ‘Dr Greenham’ by a member of his family (The information appertaining to Dr Bell’s significance in this case only came to light after the completion of this film).

The following DVD is as a result of nearly 3 years’ painstaking research. In this double-disk presentation, Pierre Sabak leaves no stone unturned and examines Alien Writing and Insignias, Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles, and Euclid’s Missing Fifth Element. His unique exposé demonstrates that the Circle and Triangle is an ancient motif of the Aliens and the Illuminati.

In this detailed study, Sabak argues that there exists a conspiracy and highlights that many ufologists are unaware of the symbolic component of the UFO mystery. His controversial research indicates that Alien and Angelic visitation are one and the same phenomenon, and he carefully deconstructs the UFO question, using historical, textual and etymological proof. Never before has this data been published, the evidence from his careful analysis reveals a startling secret, one which is actually found encoded in the mathematics of ‘Artefact R’!

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DVD - The Seven Degrees of Symbolism

Seven Degrees of Symbolism front cover PIERRE SABAK has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism and the occult. Recorded in Bath for the Alternative Research Community (ARC), this double disk 3 hour presentation reveals the Seven Degrees of Symbolism.

Never before has the symbol been so meticulously deconstructed. Pierre Sabak argues in this highly compelling and unique lecture that the symbol is a device of subterfuge, its primary objective to mislead the uninitiated. For the first time, Sabak looks at the real meanings behind hidden symbolism, and charts its inception to angelic beings represented as dragons.

He reveals the hidden mysteries, and argues that the adepts used the symbol as a mechanism of remembrance facilitating the recollection of past lives. Sabak shows how the priesthood communicated with immortal beings, who walk amongst us. The true knowledge of this religious information has been historically subverted, its implications hidden by the elites.

Through years of painstaking research, Sabak has managed to assemble all of the various pieces together, to form a coherent theory of reincarnation, based on occult knowledge. In this talk, he reveals the vehicles of consciousness, critically exploring the subliminal mind and its manipulation by non-human consciousness. Conclusively Sabak shows that the early myths decode an ancient science, the basis of today’s knowledge concealed, through the secret societies.

An explosive DVD, it offers the ultimate insights to gaining mastery over one’s life, to remove the veil of the mysteries, the ultimate victory the conquest of death, a film you and your family need to watch!

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