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Pierre Sabak - Author, Researcher and Speaker

Early Life

Pierre Sabak was born in West Yorkshire in 1973. Sabak first became interested in the subject of UFOs, when at the age of tenhe saw a landed ‘rocket’ in a farmer’s field, whilst playing outside near his grandmother’s house. Leaving a deep impression, this sighting has led to his profound interest in ‘flying saucers’ and their cultural significance.

Academic Biography

Pierre Sabak received a grade A in both the subjects of Art and Religion in his A levels and was offered a place to study Theology at Oxford, a coveted position which he turned down to research a Degree in Art Historyand Painting. A Graduate of Fine Art (Single Honours),Sabak obtained his degree from the University of Wales in 1995. In 2000 he received his Teaching Certificate (Post Graduate Level) in Further and Higher Education from the University of London, Birkbeck.

Early Career

Pierre Sabak has worked as an illustrator focusing on portraiture and figurative painting. He has exhibited his work extensively throughout the UK, including St. Martins West London, East London Design Show and the Museum of Modern Art Machynlleth, Wales. A former member of the Institute for Learning (MifL), Sabak has taught Pre-Raphaelite Painting at the Working Men’s College, St. Pancras London. During the course of his career, Sabak has held numerous teaching positions in schools and colleges within the UK (2000-2010).

Academic Career


(1) Pierre Sabak, The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon, Serpentigena Publications, 2010, (490 pages)
(2) Pierre Sabak, Holographic Culture, Serpentigena Publications, 2018, (580 pages)
(3) Pierre Sabak, Angelic Invasion, Serpentigena Publications, 2020 (forthcoming)

Other Books (Contributor)

(1) Chapter The Cuckoo by Pierre Sabak, Pete Wilky & Grov Moluvsky, The Difference We Make, MWM Books, 2013


(1) Nexus Magazine, December 2010 – January 2011, Volume 18, No.1 (Review of Pierre Sabak’s Book The Murder of Reality Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon)
(2) Phenomena Magazine, Oct 2014, Issue 66
(3) Exopolitics Magazine, Issue 2, Autumn 2014, Article ‘Utsuro no Fune – The Hollow Ships of Japan’ with Pierre Sabak
(4) Exopolitics Magazine, Issue 3, Autumn 2015, Article ‘Angelic Sailors’ with Pierre Sabak


Pierre Sabak first became interested in the ‘Language of Symbolism’ when he studied Art History at the University of Wales. This interest led him to write and illustrate‘The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’ 2010, and ‘Holographic Culture’ 2018. The books were received with great acclaim. The French author and historian Mourad Faher wrote ‘I think without flattery Pierre Sabak is elaborating a true science that is to history what quantum physics is to Newtonian physics’. An academic and researcher, Sabak is well known for his presentations within British Exopolitics, and has lectured extensively on the subject of ‘Angelic Sailors’. He has been featured innumerous publications, including David Icke’s ‘Human Race Get off your Knees,The Lion Sleeps No More’ and NEXUS magazine. A world leading expert in the field of New Ufology, Sabak hasalso served as an advisor to Ridley Scott Associates.

New Ufology

Pierre Sabak’s work is unique, in that his writing combines Visual Theory (Semiotics) with the Deconstruction of Ufology. A pioneering symbologist, Sabak is famous for his development of the field of New Ufology, which utilises occult symbolism to deconstruct ‘Skaphology’ (the study of angelic vessels throughout religion and mythology). A leading expert on linguistics and ancient ciphers, his major breakthrough within Ufology is the ‘Uncovering of the Artefact’ – a secret ‘Alien Code’ found within language. Worldwide, this code is based upon polyglottal symbolism and its exploitation of Universal Grammar.

David Icke

The famous author David Icke has mentioned the work of Pierre Sabak during his numerous world lecture tours and wrote about Sabak’s research in his book ‘Human Race Get off your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More’. In Chapter 12 ‘Encoded Truth’,David Icke summarised Pierre Sabak’s first book ‘The Murder of Reality, Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon’, and wrote:
‘I read Pierre Sabak’s book the Murder of Reality… and how fascinating and confirming the information turned out to be… a detailed study of word derivations, associations and true meanings that shows how the serpent race, and its subjugation of humanity, is encoded into ancient languages... These words and meanings have since been passed through into… ‘modern languages’. Sabak spent nearly seven years poring through dictionaries and documents to reveal the interconnecting words and meanings that encode all the major aspects of the conspiracy… I thoroughly recommend Pierre Sabak’s book… which goes into many other areas… I just wanted to lay out here the foundation of what his language-research demonstrates and how much it supports the themes I have been presenting for all these years’.
Chapter 12 Encoded Truth, Quoted from Human Race Get off Your Knees, 
The Lion Sleeps No More, David Icke, pp263 & 285

Other Books

Pierre Sabak is cited in a number of other works by respected academic scholars, which include the following selection:
(1) Neil Hague, Journeys in the Dreamtime, Keys to Unlocking the Imagination, Exposing the Untold History of Art, Quester Publications, 2006
(2) Toyne Newton & Jonathan Tapsell, London’s Mystical Legacy, Brutus Media, 2013
(3) Diego Marin PhD, Ivan Minella and Erick Schievenin, The Three Ages of Atlantis, Bear & Company, 2014
(4) Carl James, Science Fiction and the Hidden Global Agenda, Omnibus Edition, 2018


An exponent of Exopolitics, Pierre Sabak has worked with the creator of Exopolitics Great Britain Anthony Beckett to produce a series of filmed interviews with a number of prominent luminaries from the UFO and alternative community. These include the following people:
(1) Philip Mantle, author of ‘Without Consent’, Former Director of BUFORA and MUFON Representative for England.
(2) Steve Mera, Editor of ‘Phenomena’ Magazine, the Largest On-Line Paranormal Magazine in the World.
(3) Andrew Johnson on the Work of Dr. Judy Wood ‘Where did the Towers Go?’ Andrew Johnson is a prolific author and wrote ‘911 Finding the Truth’ 2009 & ‘Acknowledged: UFOS, Aliens & Crop Circles’ 2019.
(4) Neil Hague on Art and Symbolism‘Through Ancient Eyes’ 2002 and his work with David Icke. 
(5) Mike Oram, ‘Does it Rain in Other Dimensions? A True Story of Alien Encounters’ 2007.


(1) Awake & Aware, Watford, UK, 2019
(2) 7th Exopolitics UK, Leeds 2015
(3) 6th Exopolitics UK, Leeds 2014
(4) ARC Convention, Bath, 2012
(5) ICAN, Manchester, 2012
(6) Wake Up Call, Edinburgh, 2010


Pierre Sabak’s work is widely known throughout the alternative media and has been interviewed on numerous radioshows, which include:
(1) Kerry Cassidy (2018)
(2) Anthony Beckett, Exopolitics Great Britain (2018)
(3) Conscious Media Network (2012)
(4) ICAN Radio Interview (2011)
(5) Red Ice Radio (2010)

DVDs by Pierre Sabak

(1) Angeliens, Serpentigena Productions in Association with Exopolitics Great Britain, 2015
(2) Artefact R The Roswell Artefact, Sesku Academy, West Yorkshire, 2013
(3) The Seven Degrees of Symbolism, ARC, Bath, 2012


Currently Pierre Sabak has his own YouTube Channel (Pierre Sabak), which contains many of his Lectures and Interviews. 


The Murder of Reality is also a Heavy Metal Band from Hamburg Germany, who according to the songwriter and lead guitarist Adam Lakewas‘…inspired by the seminal works of Pierre Sabak’. They were active from 2013-16 and published their last album in 2018. Their contribution to Heavy Metal is listed in the Encyclopaedia Metallum. Their Five Albums are ‘Dark Helmet’ 2014, ‘Winter’ 2015, ‘Walking Dead’ 2015, ‘72 Degrees’ 2016 and ‘Order of the Dragon’ 2018. The Band the Murder of Realityare composed of the following musicians:
Captain Creek (Lead Vocals)
Adam Lake (Guitars)
John Dackow (Drums)
Max Mader (Support Guitar)
Richard ‘Kenan’ (Support Musician)
Schlossberg (Bass)