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Angeliens (Book)
Pierre Sabak, acclaimed symbologist, demonstrates the extraordinary connection between ‘Angels’ and their modern day counterpart ‘Grey Aliens’, based upon the classical study of Aramaic and Greek. Explosive, this book constitutes a new milestone in academic research into Aliens and their Ancient Origins. An illuminating study focussing on interdimensional beings, Sabak shows that the ‘Divine Invasion’ has already occurred and reveals its dramatic impact on Human Society. 
This book is written especially for the non-believer and sceptic and is guaranteed to change your world view. In this major work, Pierre Sabak analyses Biblical, Apocryphal and Hellenistic sources and shows conclusively that the ‘Angelic Host’ in the Bible are identified with ‘Crew Members of Vessels’. Pierre Sabak, after a 5 year investigation, has finally found the ‘Missing Link’ and proves beyond certainty why the ‘Grey Alien’ described in modern culture is exactly the same type of entity as the ‘God’ featured in the Bible. 
A historical and monumental achievement, this highly acclaimed work settles the ‘God Conspiracy’. A controversial and respected author Pierre Sabak leaves no stone unturned and proves why ‘God’ is an ‘Alien’. A shocking secret, this discovery is set to change the world forever and is revealed for the first time in his classic and definitive study of UFOs! 
(Warning if you are dependent on your current belief system, extreme discretion is advised).

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Best book ever about this type of topic as it goes...
A masterpiece. There are few books in our known hi...
A. Kahn

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