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Quotations taken from David Icke regarding The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon) These extracts are all taken from David Icke’s latest book (2010) Human Race Get Off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. For an excellent summary of my publication The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon) please refer to David Icke’s work quoted below. You can visit his website via my link.

The Murder of reality is a detailed study of word derivations, associations and true meanings that shows how the serpent race, and its subjugation of humanity, is encoded into ancient languages and accounts…

Pierre Sabak makes some interesting connections between key words that relate to the secret societies, which act as a priesthood for the Reptilians on Earth…

Sabak’s research into language confirms the connections between the serpent race, fallen angels, and ‘royal’ bloodlines, what I call the hybrids. He writes that ‘the bloodline of the sovereign emphasises human angelic descent replicated through the snake, a race of fallen angels’…

Pierre Sabak’s study of words across multiple languages throws further light on the themes of Adam, the Garden of Eden, and, possibly, Atlantis. His language-research confirms the connection I have long contended between ‘Eve’ and the serpent race…

It’s all code, and the truth is there to be seen if you can read it…I thoroughly recommend Pierre Sabak’s book, The Murder of Reality, which goes into many other areas and interpretations that I will leave to him. I just wanted to lay out here the foundation of what his language-research demonstrates and how much it supports the themes I have been presenting for all these years…

Please follow link to my publication Murder of Reality Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon.


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