Dog Star

Dog Star Symbolism

Written in Arabic as ‘Al Kalb’ (the dog) the appellation refers to the star Sirius (Canis Major) rising before the Morning Star, and thereby tricking canines into howling. In Old Semitic, ‘aur’ (light) is philologically branched with ‘eloh’ (light), rendered in the plural as the ‘Elohim’, translated in Judaic accounts as (the Gods) or (the Shining Ones). The name originally is equated with the dragon (angel) and deities originating from the ‘Dog Star’.

Relationship between the Dog Star and deity worship is found universally encoded in human language, in Modern Arabic for example ‘Allah’ (God) is comparable to ‘awr’ (bark) – English ‘God’ and ‘dog’. Quantifiable, the wordplay ‘God and dog’ is reciprocal in the Syriac Torah. The Hebrew name ‘Heylel’ (the Shining one) is reproduced as ‘H-eyel’ (the Howling one) names assigned to ‘Lucifer - Latin Lux-ferre’ (the light bringer). The Syrian name ‘Heylel’ is analogous in the Akkadian language to ‘hayya’ (a female serpent).

In the Arabian tradition the ‘djinn’ literally (spirit) is an animal said to change into a serpent or dog and is analogous in western literature to the vampire ‘Dracula’ a name derived from the etymology ‘drake’ (a dragon). Deities assigned to the Dog Star are evident in many tongues. For example, the equivalent play ‘God and dog’ is found in the Old Japanese honorific address ‘(O)-Kami’ (God) and ‘ookami’ (wolf). ‘Kami’ is cognate with the reptile ‘kamu’ (a tortoise or turtle) paired with the mammal ‘kami’ (hair). In Japan, the serpent deities, attributed to the ‘fallen angels’, are referred to as the ‘tengu’ (literally heaven’s dog).

Similar comparisons are evident in the Roman language. The appellation ‘Lato’ (Apollo) establishes a connection with ‘lator’ (a bringer, bearer, or proposer of a law). Importantly, the ‘light-bringer’ is a namesake, cognate with the transitive verb ‘latro’ (to bark or snarl). In addition, the stem ‘latr’ is used to denote ‘latro’(a mercenary, brigand or bandit) thematically a ‘reptile or rapist’. The Latin etymology is significant as it shows conclusively that the Roman God Apollo (Lato) is not a solar deity but is identified with the Dog Star.

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