About Pierre Sabak

The controversial scholar Pierre Sabak examines Biblical, Apocryphal and Classical sources and shows conclusively that the Angelic Host are identical to the Alien phenomenon. Applying rigorous academic principles, Sabak analyses the religious scriptures in their original languages and carefully deconstructs the 'Angelic Sailor'. The author shows that their appearance in the 'Classical World' is based upon a 'Classified Secret' Latin 'Classis' (a naval fleet). Depicted as a 'grafted bloodline', the 'Angeliens' constitute a 'parallel society' and operates unseen amongst their human hosts.


Serpentigena Publications

Serpentigena Publications is a small independent press, which seeks to publish alternative information that is not always made available through main stream media. Pierre Sabak's research is highly original and based upon the academic study of words in relation to occult symbolism of the dragon. The author wants to make it clear that he is pro-humanitarian. A pacifist, he advocates peace and the right to practice religious freedom and intellectual expression without hindrance. My work is dedicated to the Children of Man. May we live in PEACE and learn to LOVE one another.