An examination into the transliteration of Jehovah's name. Transliteration of Jehovah’s name into various languages.

The original pronunciation of ‘Yehowah’ English ‘Jehovah’ is thought to be ‘Yahweh’, ‘Yohoua’ or ‘Yahve’ and is rendered originally in the Hebrew as YHVH or YHWH. It is more than probable that there may have been more than one vocalization in the rabbinical oral tradition dependent on the level of initiation.

The name ‘Jehovah’ first appears in the English translation of the Bible in 1530 by William Tyndale as ‘Iehouah’. Tyndale was later burnt at the stake in Antwerp as a heretic. His spelling is probably based on the Greek transliteration of ‘Yahweh’ (Iaoue), Luther in his complete translation of the Bible used substitute names for the vowels such as ‘Herr’ (Lord), a practice adopted in the Greek edition of the Old Testament of the Septuagint thought to originate from the 3rd - 2nd Century BC in Egypt.  

List of Jehovah’s names in different languages. Typically the ‘Y’ is often transliterated as a ‘J’ or an ‘I’ and the ‘V’ as a ‘W’ or ‘U’. To complicate matters the name Jehovah or Yahweh often possesses more than one spelling in the same language.

Awabakal - Yehoa
Bugotu - Jihova
Cantonese - Yehwowah
Danish - Jehova
Dutch - Jehovah
Efik -Jehovah
English - Jehovah
Fijian - Jiova
Finnish - Jehova
French - Jihovah
Futuna - Ihova
German - Jehova
Greek - Iaoue
Hungarian - Jehova
Igbo - Jehova
Italian - Geova
Japanese - Ehoba
Maori - Ihowa
Motu - Iehova
Mwala-Malu - Jihova
Narrinyeri - Jehovah
Nembe - Jihova
Petats - Jihouva
Polish - Jehowa
Portuguese - Jeova
Romanian - Iehova
Samoan - Ieova
Sotho - Jehova
Spanish - Jehovri
Swahili - Yehova
Swedish - Jehova
Tahitian - Iehova
Tagalog - Jehova
Tongan - Jihova
Venda - Yehova
Xhosa - uYehova
Yoruba - Jehofah
Zulu - uJehova

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