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Holographic Culture is a staggeringly brilliant work by an equally brilliant mind. What has been uncovered and synthesized within it's pages is truly monumental in scope. This is a profound and exceptionally important work which contributes so much that is totally unique . Thank you, Pierre, for all your research. You are a trail-blazer. Everyone on the planet investigating this topic should have a copy of this.
Victoria Zasikowski

‘Pierre Sabak is my favourite etymologist. With great integrity and honesty, Pierre reveals the hidden meaning of the words most of us consider we are familiar with, to bring us into the real world of Gods, aliens and angels’.
P. G. Langdon, Author of Gods of Divine Union, Illumination

‘Massive in scope, this is a major intellectual achievement in Ufology. Holographic Culture rewrites the rulebook on flying saucers. Pierre Sabak has singlehandedly created a new academic discipline into the study of angelic vessels, and is a world leading authority on ancient aliens and occult symbolism. Skaphology is an important and pioneering advancement within the deconstruction of exotheology and mythology. Holographic Culture provides some of the most innovative ideas within contemporary writing. Based upon detailed academic research into the ‘Saucer Cults’, the information he supplies is astounding. A masterpiece, this is a key text within Ufology and is set to become a modern classic’.
Michael Dante, Author of The Green Man Alphabet, Mirror of Enigmas and Orpheus: An Adaptation of Rilke

‘Great Scholarship – The Best Book on the occult aspects of language I have found... I studied linguistics at Georgetown School of Languages and Linguistics decades ago, and feel ripped off by their superficial approach to languages and linguistics. Pierre Sabak stands head and shoulders above every Professor I had at supposedly the best language school in America’.
Thomas K. Carberry – Amazon Review

Nexus Magazine Review (Dec 2010 - Jan 2011 issue)

'We have been duped over the millennia by the very language and systems that we use' says British Symbologist and comparative linguist Pierre Sabak in the Murder of Reality. It's the first book in his Serpentigena Series which uncovers the workings of a hidden Serpent Race in humanity's history, revealed as a universal code within astronomy, geometry, mathematics, language and culture through the ages. The bulk of the narrative consists of linguistic translation and interpretation, so it's challenging yet impressive and astounding. A Serpent Race conquered and enslaved humanity many thousands of years ago, claims Sabak, who has discovered its manipulation of our collective reality through his study of language and etymology. The same word 'puns' can be found in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Japanese, Persian and other tongues, showing a common belief system throughout the Classical world. Sabak says that these 'polymorphic' serpent words were also encoded by a hidden priesthood in the Bible and the Koran. A network of secret societies has protected the serpent-dragon's presence, and religious institutions and governments have legitimised it. Humanity can no longer ignore the signs and must wake up to the suffering and injustice that's been inflicted upon us, declares Sabak in this fascinating yet frightening documentation of history.

David Icke Quotes

Quotations taken from David Icke regarding The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon) These extracts are all taken from David Icke’s latest book (2010) Human Race Get Off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. For an excellent summary of my publication The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon), please refer to David Icke’s work quoted below.

''The Murder of reality is a detailed study of word derivations, associations and true meanings that shows how the serpent race, and its subjugation of humanity, is encoded into ancient languages and accounts…

Pierre Sabak makes some interesting connections between key words that relate to the secret societies, which act as a priesthood for the Reptilians on Earth…

Sabak’s research into language confirms the connections between the serpent race, fallen angels, and ‘royal’ bloodlines, what I call the hybrids. He writes that ‘the bloodline of the sovereign emphasises human angelic descent replicated through the snake, a race of fallen angels’…

Pierre Sabak’s study of words across multiple languages throws further light on the themes of Adam, the Garden of Eden, and, possibly, Atlantis. His language-research confirms the connection I have long contended between ‘Eve’ and the serpent race…

It’s all code, and the truth is there to be seen if you can read it…I thoroughly recommend Pierre Sabak’s book, The Murder of Reality, which goes into many other areas and interpretations that I will leave to him. I just wanted to lay out here the foundation of what his language-research demonstrates and how much it supports the themes I have been presenting for all these years…''

Highly Acclaimed Praise for The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon)

A Masterpiece., March 31, 2012 By A. Khan 
There are few books in our known history ,which have revealed deeper insights into the religion of the ancients. Of all the truly great books, I have read in my life on mystery religions and comparative mythology, which include the magnum opus "Anacalypsis" by the great Godfrey Higgins, "the Rivers of Life " by JGR Furlong, "A new system of analysis of ancient mythology" by the learned Jacob Bryant, " The Golden Bough 3rd Edition" by Sir James Frazer, " The religion of the Semites " by William Robertson Smith, "The Gods of Generation" by Jacques Antoine Dulaure and "The Great Dionysiak Myth" by Robert Brown, I can most appreciatively state that the scholarship of this book "The Murder Of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon) merits admission into the "all time greatest books on ancient religions and comparative studies".

I consider this book as one of the greatest scholarships of this century and the author Pierre Sabak , a man of unique intellect and wisdom. This book will be looked at by the intelligentsia of our future generations, as truly a masterpiece and a work of tremendous erudition.

Amazon Reviews Detailing The Murder of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon)

(1) When I first saw this book the cover alone drew me in. When I read the book the information astounded me. This is not just a book it's a whole history lesson and a deep one at that. When I first started reading I thought it was a hard read with Sabak referencing and cross-referencing words galore. Once I got into the book it became obvious why he did an I would say necessary that he did. The early chapters lay essential groundwork for the reader or rather student to help him fully understand and get the best out of the later chapters.

Sabak's knowledge of languages and wordplay is astounding. The concept of other races than our own being on this planet now or in history is a hard one to grasp. Early books like Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods" introduced the concept in a light hearted way. Other UFOs books nave provided blurred and inconclusive photos which the reader can take as they wish. The Murder of Reality takes an almost forensic approach to ancient languages and myths. The result is a very convincing suggestion that indeed other races were here and the evidence for that is in the very words we use around the world every day in all cultures. Language is literally "his-story".

The evidence Sabak has uncovered in the true meaning of words and myths presents for me a very convincing argument that there is more to human history then the "leaders" of this world today would like us to know. Were the serpent race aliens, reptilians or interdimensionals? After reading the Murder of Reality I am strongly lead to believe they may have been all of them.

This book is a treasure and is packed from cover to cover with deep knowledge. It makes a gripping read and also a valuable reference book. If ancient aliens and the true story of their interaction with the human race this is definitely a book for you. Sabak is a master of his craft. I look forward to further books in the series.
Awakening 2013

(2) This book is simply outstanding! It is quite hard going to read as it is written in an academic textbook style; but in many ways that adds to the strength of the material and scholarship of the book. I have managed to confirm a great deal of David Ickes writing but not the reptilian issue and, to be honest sat on the fence a bit on it. However, After reading Pierre Sabak's book I am much more open to the possibility of a secret serpent priesthood at the core of the New World Order. The connections Sabak has uncovered, after about 7 years of research, through the investigation of language and symbolism cannot simply be dismissed. David Icke has wedged the door open and Sabak has now took it off the hinges. This is the first in a line of planned books by Sabak and I certainly will keep an eye on his research in the future.

In time, when the importance and profound implications of Sabak's research has seeped into the public consciousness, his work will be read all over the world. Many conspiracy researchers have revealed a great deal but still only skirted around the edges without really getting to the core. Sabak's work is immensely important and, in my opinion, is a great legitimizer of David Icke's own research as it adds a greater scholarly dimension. I guess the question is: will the powers that be continue to allow his research and exposing to continue??
David Walton - (Maidstone, England)

(3) This book has destroyed my world view. Pierre Sabak is a genius. He opens Pandora's Box on a conspiracy which is way too deep. This guy knows his stuff. His research spans everything you could possibly want to know about the serpent. This is definitely the best book written on the subject. This is a totally comprehensive textbook on the serpent race and its linage. Sabak traces the serpent all the way through all the major religions, synthesizing his research through over twenty dictionaries. It's a terrifying read- I believe researchers will be quoting his book in another hundred years time. It's a brilliant book, well worth the wait. Sabak said it took him seven years to research- I'm not surprised the books jammed full of interesting information. The book's a masterpiece.

(4) This is an amazing book and is one of the most comprehensive works on the Serpent Rae. Pierre Sabak shows how the Reptile is encoded in language. A complex and unique study, it covers in detail the symbolism of the Dragon and the history of the Fallen Angels. An academic title, this is a major work on Occult Symbolism!
Starlight Sophia

(5) Though I found this book a challenging read, the wealth of information inside is astounding. By examining the hidden meaning encoded into words and language, the author reveals how a reptilian race has manipulated and controlled mankind across the globe.

What I found most interesting is how these encodings are found in most ancient languages and present in modern languages too, cementing the idea that this control has been happening for a long time and is still happening in the world around us!

This really is a thoroughly researched and interesting book that covers the hidden priesthood, angels, dragons and the serpent race in incredible detail.

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