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A masterpiece., March 31, 2012

By A. khan 
There are few books in our known history ,which have revealed deeper insights into the religion of the ancients. Of all the truly great books, I have read in my life on mystery religions and comparative mythology, which include the magnum opus "Anacalypsis" by the great Godfrey Higgins, "the Rivers of Life " by JGR Furlong, "A new system of analysis of ancient mythology" by the learned Jacob Bryant, " The Golden Bough 3rd Edition" by Sir James Frazer, " The religion of the Semites " by William Robertson Smith, "The Gods of Generation" by Jacques Antoine Dulaure and "The Great Dionysiak Myth" by Robert Brown, I can most appreciatively state that the scholarship of this book "The Murder Of Reality (Hidden Symbolism of the Dragon) merits admission into the "all time greatest books on ancient religions and comparative studies".
I consider this book as one of the greatest scholarships of this century and the
author Pierre Sabak , a man of unique intellect and wisdom. This book will be looked at by the intelligentsia of our future generations, as truly a masterpiece and a work of tremendous erudition.

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This book is simply outstanding! It is quite hard going to read as it is written in an academic textbook style; but in many ways that adds to the strength of the material and scholarship of the book. I have managed to confirm a great deal of David Ickes writing but not the reptilian issue and, to be honest sat on the fence a bit on it. However, After reading Pierre Sabak's book I am much more open to the possibility of a secret serpent priesthood at the core of the New World Order. The connections Sabak has uncovered, after about 7 years of research, through the investigation of language and symbolism cannot simply be dismissed. David Icke has wedged the door open and Sabak has now took it off the hinges. This is the first in a line of planned books by Sabak and I certainly will keep an eye on his research in the future.

In time, when the importance and profound implications of Sabak's research has seeped into the public consciousness, his work will be read all over the world. Many conspiracy researchers have revealed a great deal but still only skirted around the edges without really getting to the core. Sabak's work is immensely important and, in my opinion, is a great legitimizer of David Icke's own research as it adds a greater scholarly dimension. I guess the question is: will the powers that be continue to allow his research and exposing to continue??

David Walton - (Maidstone, England)

Fan-bloody-tastic! When I first read 'The Murder of Reality,' I wet my nickers! This book has destroyed my world view. Pierre Sabak is a genius. He opens Pandora's Box on a conspiracy which is waaaay too deep. This guy knows his stuff. His research spans everything you could possibly want to know about the serpent. This is definitely the best book written on the subject. I got into this stuff after reading 'The Biggest Secret'- move over David Icke there's a new kid on the block. This is a totally comprehensive textbook on the serpent race and its linage. Sabak traces the serpent all the way through all the major religions, synthesizing his research through over twenty dictionaries. It's a terrifying read- I believe researchers will be quoting his book in another hundred years time. It's a brilliant book, well worth the wait. Sabak said it took him seven years to research- I'm not surprised the books jammed full of interesting information. The book's a masterpiece. I heard a rumour that Dan Brown's latest novel is based on Sabak's book.


This is an amazing book and is one of the most comprehensive works on the Serpent Rae. Pierre Sabak shows how the Reptile is encoded in language. A complex and unique study, it covers in detail the symbolism of the Dragon and the history of the
Fallen Angels. An academic title, this is a major work on Occult Symbolism!

Starlight Sophia

Though I found this book a challenging read, the wealth of information inside is astounding. By examining the hidden meaning encoded into words and language, the author reveals how a reptilian race has manipulated and controlled mankind across the globe.

What I found most interesting is how these encodings are found in most ancient languages and present in modern languages too, cementing the idea that this control has been happening for a long time and is still happening in the world around us!

This really is a thoroughly researched and interesting book that covers the hidden priesthood, angels, dragons and the serpent race in incredible detail.


For further details please refer to my book The Murder of Reality Hidden (Symbolism of the Dragon).

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