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Mithra with bull (Pleiades), dog (Sirius) and scorpion (Arab). Droplets of blood depicted as corn - ..
The phallic crown the mitra is worn in Babylon by the priests of Dagon. An Angel or Dragon, the pro..
Schemata of pyramid plateaux is configured to ‘Orion’s belt’ (Arabic Al Nitak), vi..
Pharaoh's Headdress - symbolic of the hooded cobra. The risen snake is referential to the 's..
Tutankhamun: Androgyne Seated on the ‘Neboo’ (Gold) Glyph Implicit of ‘Neb’ ..
Twins of the ‘Dual Crown’. Pyramidal loin cloth is paired with the temple prostitute and..
The Cult of the Pharaoh is Matriarchal Comparable to Judaism. Page 139 from the Murder of Reality..
A Living Fleece Transmuted into Gold (Jason & Medea) Page 162 from the Murder of Reality ..
Braided cobra headdress of Queen Shub-ad - insignia of the hairy snake (Royal motif of the cobra is ..
The Priestess of Isis: Her wings stylize the mouth of the dragon correlated with divine utterance of..
Sobek aka ‘Sabah-Kha’ (the Morning-Star) is cognate with the ‘Messiah’ (anoi..
Motif of the winged serpent disk operates on a series of worded puns, related in the Semitic languag..
Lord Osiris - Shepherd King Lord of the Host (Seated on a Throne of Water). Page 171 from the Murde..
Picture source: Matthew Hurley and Editor Neil Hague, Alien Chronicles, Quester Publications (see pi..
Author’s Copy of Japanese Edo Print of ‘Utsuro no Fune’ Describing the Incident at..
Weighing of the heart - depicts the ritual removal of the heart equated with the tabernacle. Page 17..