Taliban and the Theban priesthood

‘Ta’ban’ Arabic (a snake) pertains to the verb ‘taba’ (to print) or ‘tab’ (edition) equivalent in the Hebrew to ‘sefer’ (a book) and ‘seraph’ (a snake). ‘Tab’s stem conveys ‘tabi’ (a follower) and ‘tab’a’ (a partisan). Etymologically the ‘snake’ is closely related to ‘talib or taliba’ (a student), cognizant originally with ‘Thebes’ - the old capital of Egypt, a religious place of study. Sacred knowledge of Thebes defines the oral tradition, committed into Hebrew writing as the ‘Talmud’ (instruction) from the compound ‘tillel’ (to cover) and ‘le’lamad’ (to-teach). The ‘student or learner’ is rendered in Hebrew as (the talmid), suggesting ‘veiled instruction’ symbolized as a pillar. In Rabbinic and Masonic tradition ‘amud’ (a pillar) is cryptic of ‘le’lamad’ (to-teach) English know-ledge. Traditionally the planes of the pyramid indicate levels of initiation correlated with the holy city of Thebes.

A center of knowledge its priesthood guards the Royal court of the dragon a bloodline originating from the snake a fallen angel. Symbolism of the emissary is represented with the solar motif, the ‘cobra’ (Arabic tea’ban) nominal of the ‘Theban’. The ‘snake’ (ta’ban) designates ‘initiatory knowledge’ (taliban), relative, to the ‘Theban priesthood’ and its ‘scriptural tradition’ (the Talmud - Instruction). ‘Theban’ denoting ‘ta’ban’ (a snake) is written in Latin as the homophone ‘anguigena’ (a Theban, literally the serpent race). Esoterically its priesthood is aligned to the star system ‘Alpha Draconis’ Arabic ‘Thuban’ and parallels the north shaft of the pyramid adjacent to the North Star. The Egyptians venerated at least four main stars clusters each specified with openings in the pyramid and are listed as followed:

  1. Al Kalb (Alpha Canis Major / Sirius)
  2. Pleiades?
  3. Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis)
  4. Thuban (Alpha Draconis)

For further details on the Theban Priesthood please refer to my book the Murder of Reality


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