Ubaid Head Figurines

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Picture source: Matthew Hurley and Editor Neil Hague, Alien Chronicles, Quester Publications (see picture credits). Ubaid figurine Iraq. Early depictions of the Gods are shown as bipedal serpents or goats. The God of the Jews, ‘Shaddai’ is described as ‘shed’ (a type of goblin or devil), depicted with reptilian characteristics shared by Yahweh. ‘Haiya’ Arabic (snake) is cognate with the root ‘haya’ (to be) the verbal stem of ‘Yahweh’s name. The ‘serpent’ (Haiya) suggests technically (an entity or a being) ‘haya’. According to Judaic traditions, ‘Abu’ a cognomen of God (the Father) designates ‘af ’a’ (a viper), illustrative of a ‘fallen angel’, specified as the ‘Elhohim’ - singular ‘El’ (God). Page 426 from the Murder of Reality

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